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our mission

Video creation is gaining new meaning with AI. It's no longer only filming and editing, but something more as well. It's more flexible, more fluid, and much more interactive. It's working together with a tool, not just using it. Given these new capabilities, we think it is imperative to rethink what a video tool looks like from the ground up.

We're building Decohere so that artists of all levels can unleash their full potential. We believe the creativity of people is only limited by the tools they have to express themselves, and a world with more expression is a world that better understands itself.

about us

meet our team

Rishi Bhuta
founder and ceo

Rishi has previously worked on computer vision and scalable ML systems in previous roles across Amazon Robotics, SpaceX, and NASA Jet Propulsion Lab.  He's made thousands of artworks and videos alongside the growing AI art community, and wants to jumpstart the next wave of creators. Rishi loves snowboarding, hiking, and playing video games.

Will Stith
founder and cto

Will has worked on next-gen internet satellites and warehouse robotics at Amazon. He brings a customer-driven engineering approach to Decohere, where he’s dedicated to making customers’ sci-fi dreams a reality. In his free time, Will loves to ski, hike, and bike in the PNW outdoors.