We're excited to introduce the Decohere AI Affiliate Program, an opportunity for you to share your love of AI-generated video with your community while earning rewards for your efforts.

Affiliates will earn a 15% commission for every successful subscription signup made using their code.

Affiliates will also receive a unique discount code that provides a 10% discount on monthly subscriptions for friends and followers.

commission structure

For each successful subscription signup that uses their code, Affiliates will earn a commission of 15% of the subscription value for the first month of each subscription only.

For example, 10 signups to the Director-level membership will = $133.50 in commission earned.

To become an affiliate, simply sign up using the form below. Once approved, you will receive an email to register your unique discount code and access to promotional materials to help you get started. Together, we can create engaging and innovative content that inspires a new wave of creativity.

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promotional guidelines

1. Promote: When promoting their unique discount code on social media, affiliates should use the hashtag #DecohereCreator and also tag @decohere_ai.

2. Engage: Affiliates are encouraged to create engaging and informative content (eg. tutorials, reviews, music video clips, animations) that highlights the benefits of Decoherence's AI video generator and the discount offered through their code.

3. Respect: Creativity is encouraged in promotional content, but it should always be respectful and accurate.

4. Avoid: Affiliates should avoid making false or misleading claims about the product or the discount.

payment & payouts

Commission payouts will be made on a monthly basis.

Payouts will be processed through the preferred method selected during the affiliate registration process.